Loft Extensions

Have you looked in your loft recently?

If the last time you looked in your loft was to bung in a few surplus boxes when you first moved in, it's time to grab a torch and find out what you've got.

A Loft Conversion for your house is considered to be permitted development, not requiring an application for Planning Permission, provided certain limits and conditions are met.

At its most basic, a loft conversion can be a quiet place to set up your Hornby model railway, with a flip-down ladder for access and simple Velux windows. But a temporary staircase means it won't count as extra living space. M.G. Monk & Son will employ our specialist architects to make sure you get the best end result, whether you want the space to flow seamlessly on from the rest of the house or you just want to make a statement with a light-filled studio.

The steeper the slope (or pitch) of the roof, the more suitable it will be for conversion.

If your roof has a very steep pitch you may be able to squeeze in a mezzanine level.

At M.G. Monk & Son we can advise on the space you have available and the best way to utilise it.